The Randomness Express


Month: October, 2012

When my friends say they don’t want to go out because of the storm

And I try to convince them to go anyways,


When you play ‘the floor is lava’ and come to a gap that’s just a bit too wide but you decide to attempt it anyways

Because there’s beer/food on the other end:

(gif from

When any kind of bug lands on you

Other people:

(gif from


When my friends make fun of me for eating french fries with mayo


When my friend starts telling a drinking story involving me to my parents



When I’m single and my mom starts asking me when I’m gonna find a new boyfriend

(gif from

When I try to sneak food out of a college all-you-can-eat dining hall

(gif from

When I try to speak a new language

How I probably sound every time: