The Randomness Express


Month: August, 2012

When a guy approaches me at the gym and smells really bad

(gif from


When someone comes over to my house for a party but doesnt bring any alcohol/food

I’m like:

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When I make food but bacon is not one of the ingredients

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When I eat something and it turns out to be way more spicy than I thought

When I’ve been single for a while, sometimes I freak out

Because I envision myself somewhere down the road like this:

When my brother tries to hug me

I’m like:

When some guy tries to talk to me at a bad

When somebody keeps talking about a movie/book I have not yet seen/read

When you get locked out and your roomies aren’t there so you have to climb in thru the window

When somebody posts a bad picture of my on facebook

All I want to do is: