The Randomness Express


Month: July, 2012

When someone asks me how much bacon I want


When you wake up with a massive hangover

Alcohol: 1, You: 0



When I’m on the couch and the remote is just out of reach but I still try to get it without getting up

How it feels when I fall off:

When you have your bf over and he wants to go into your bedroom but you haven’t cleaned it in weeks

When my friends are lame and don’t wanna go out with my on a Friday night

How I feel whenever I actually wear something other than jeans and a t-shirt

During warmups when me and my friend decide we need to go to the bathroom

And another teammate comes in:

When my best friend asks me why she can’t be on my team while playing pictionary or taboo

When the TA takes off points because he claims he could not read my handwriting

I’m like:

Taking a death nap after a hard workout