The Randomness Express


Month: June, 2012

The kind of logic I don’t possess

Candy? I’ll do anything!


When there’s only one more strip of bacon left on the plate

And me and my friends all just finished our portions at the same time:

When I walk into my sister’s room to ask for a favor

What she looks like to me:

When I realize I’ve managed to have bacon for every single meal

I’m like:

When I do better at something than that one super smart kid in class

I look at him like:

the eternal struggle i go thru

When I attempt to cook something more legit than cereal


when my lazy friend actually suggests we work out

I’m like:

The only way to get me out of bed before noon

(make that 2pm if its after a night out):

When I get a whiff of bacon

I’m like: