The Randomness Express


Month: May, 2012

Whenever I see bacon



After I eat twenty bajillion pounds of food and fall into a food coma

And my friends are trying to get me to do something:

When you’re having a crappy day and that one person thinks they know how to make you feel better

And they’re trying to make you look on the bright side like:


And outside you’re like:

But in your head:

When I haven’t gone clothes shopping in a year and get the same size jeans as before






When I’m trying to do work and my friend suggests we go play frisbee

Oh.. ok. i guess my work can wait… forever.

When I’m at a family friends’ house and they make the one food I can’t stand but I have to pretend to like it because I’m a guest

And I’m like:

When I go shopping with my sister and she picks something “nice” out for me to try on

When people judge me for being strange

If it’s my friends:

If it’s random ppl: